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Natural Oil Polyols (NOPs)

The trend in foam manufacturing is toward Natural Materials known as Natural Oil Polyols (NOPs). The natural oils currently being used are primarily vegetable oils that include Soy, castor, sugar, glycerin, sorbitol & rapeseed.

Renewable Raw Materials Increase in Importance

Experts believe that these polyols which contain renewable raw materials will increase in importance as they are regarded as more sustainable than petroleum based materials.

Vegetable Oil Polyols Perform as Well as Petroleum Polyols

A study by Bayer Material Sciences reported that polyols with a high content of vegetable oil components can deliver the same range of properties and structural diversity as petroleum based polyols AND that when using various popular blowing agents NOPs exhibit properties that not only match petroleum based foams when it comes to mechanical loading and thermal insulation properties, but in some cases even surpass those of petroleum based products by increasing the solubility of the blowing agent and allowing more flexibility in formulating the foams.

NOPs easily meeting the Government's strict requirements of Class A+ energy efficiency.

NOPs Impact on the Environment

It is estimated that the Impact of using NOP spray foam insulation for a typical 2,500 sq ft home with soybean based spray foam for example will utilize two acres of soybeans and eliminate the use of 700 pounds of petroleum derivatives, while reducing a home's energy consumption by 30-50%.